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User Group Meeting May 2019

May 2019 Melbourne SQL Server User Group Meeting

Featured Presentation:

Achieving SQL Server high performance

Greg Linwood MyDBA

Extracting high performance from SQL Server requires informed decisions at all phases of database design, infrastructure choices, query writing, monitoring and on going management. Every system is unique and each has its own tuning limitations and opportunities. Knowing which technique to use & when is essential to getting the best performance from SQL Server whether on premise or in the cloud. In this session SQL Server tuning specialist Greg Linwood discusses critical techniques for maximising SQL Server performance at all stages of the database life cycle including database design, query writing, infrastructure selection and monitoring. You are encouraged to bring along any questions you may have about SQL Server performance tuning which we will incorporate in the session if complementary to the content, otherwise we can discuss afterward.

About Greg:
Greg Linwood is a tuning specialist with 25 years experience designing & optimising SQL Server systems. As founder of Australia's first remote SQL Server support business in 2002 and Microsoft's first SQL Server MVP awardee in 2003, Greg draws on significant first hand experience when discussing SQL Server tuning.

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